The Cayman Islands are an autonomous British Overseas Territory in the Western Caribbean Sea. The islands were believed to have been discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1503 and were originally called Las Tortugas, given the high number of turtles on the island. In subsequent years they became known as the Caymans given the presence of Caiman’s, a small breed of crocodile, found there.

There are three islands which form the territory of the Cayman Islands and they are Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac Little Cayman. The capital of Georgetown is located on the largest island of Grand Cayman.



The climate in Cayman is very appealing with average Winter temperatures between 23 Degrees and 30 degrees Celsius and Summer temperatures of 26 and 35 Degrees Celsius. The islands are prone to tropical cyclones that form during Atlantic hurricane season which runs from June to November. The warm temperatures and beautiful beaches allow for a very relaxing and outdoor lifestyle. Scuba diving and sailing are two of the most popular pastimes on the islands.

Financial Services

Nowadays the Cayman Islands are a large Financial Services hub known for investment funds, banking, insurance and other Financial Services and products. The success of Cayman as a Finance centre is down to political and economy stability coupled with a sound regulatory regime in a tax neutral environment.

Some of the major employers on the island include large Corporate Service providers, Banks, and Legal and Accountancy practices such as:

Citco (Corporate Services)

Ocorian (Corporate Services)

DMS Governance (Corporate Services)

Vistra (Corporate Services)

Intertrust (Corporate Services)

Walkers (Law firm)

Harneys (Law firm)

Dillon Eustace (Law firm)

Carey Olsen (Law firm)

Rawlinson & Hunter (Accountancy Practice)

CS Recruitment work with all the above companies who generally hire in the following areas at all levels:

Associates & Partners
Company Secretary’s & Corporate Administrators
Trust Officers and Administrators
Financial Accountants, Fund Accountants & Audit
Compliance, AML & KYC & Risk



As mentioned, Cayman enjoys a very pleasant year-round climate and is a destination for many cruise ships touring around the Caribbean. Places of interest and things to do in Cayman include the following:

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