Bermuda is a British Overseas Territory in the North Atlantic Ocean. In terms of latitude it is roughly in line with North Carolina in the USA. Although it is often referred to in the singular Bermuda is a collection of 181 islands, the largest of these islands being known as the main island. Bermuda is named after the Spanish sailor Juan de Bermudez who discovered the islands in 1505. The capital city of Bermuda is called Hamilton which is located on the Main Island.



Bermuda’s climate is generally described as Sub Tropical mainly due to the mild Winter. Unlike other areas which have been described as Sub Tropical the summers are also quite mild with temperatures not generally rising above 30 degrees Celsius. Bermuda lies in Hurricane alley and is prone to severe weather although it receives some protection from the surrounding Coral Reef and its position at the north end of the belt.

Financial Services

Bermuda is a large Financial Services hub known for insurance and is the global hub of the Reinsurance sector.

Some of the major employers on the island include large Corporate Service providers, Banks, and Legal and Accountancy practices such as:

Citco (Corporate Services)

Ocorian (Corporate Services)

Apex Group (Corporate Services)

Horseshoe Group (Corporate Services)

Walkers (Law firm)

ASW Law (Law firm)

Carey Olsen (Law firm)

Rawlinson & Hunter (Accountancy Practice)

CS Recruitment work with all the above companies who generally hire in the following areas at all levels:

Associates & Partners
Company Secretary’s & Corporate Administrators
Trust Officers and Administrators
Financial Accountants, Fund Accountants & Audit
Compliance, AML & KYC & Risk



Bermuda have a very pleasant year-round climate and the famous pink sand beaches are a haven for those looking to relax or pursue or some marine activities. Places of interest and things to do in Bemuda include the following:

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